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Materials on sale



It is a reliable floor covering solution for a long period


Seamless and smooth coating for any room layout;

Impact resistance

Resistance of the floor to static, mechanical and shock loads;


Unlimited range of colors, textures and

structures, the possibility

of combining them

Environmental friendliness

Absolute harmlessness to humans,

animals and plants


Guarantee of the absence of dust formation of the floor;

The main activity of our company is the production, filling of industrial self-leveling floors in the Krasnodar Territory, characterized by high quality and long service life. Industrial floors are used in the following types of buildings and structures:
  • industrial and commercial premises,
  • workshops of factories and factories
  • warehouses, storage facilities
  • garages of motor transport enterprises and gas stations
  • farms
  • medical institutions
As a result of long-term operation of an industrial floor, cases of mechanical damage to its surface are not uncommon. As a result, various chips and cracks appear, which worsens the appearance and performance of the floor. Depending on the nature and degree of damage, there are various methods and materials for its repair and restoration. One of these methods is the dedusting of the concrete floor.
This procedure is necessary in order to strengthen the concrete base. For this, there are many special deep penetration impregnations. As a result of their application, a solid top layer is created on the floor surface, making the coating as wear-resistant as possible. Dedusting impregnations are made on the basis of organic components and protect the floor from the effects of aggressive environments and mechanical loads. These impregnations are applied to the surface of the damaged floor, thereby achieving deep penetration and filling of concrete pores. Due to dedusting, filamentous crystals are formed in concrete, making the industrial floor wear-resistant, high-quality and durable, and dust does not form on the surface.
There is a discount system for a large amount of work on the floor arrangement!
From 500 to 1,000 m2 DISCOUNT 5%
From 1,000 to 3,000 m2 DISCOUNT 7%
From 3,000 m2 DISCOUNT 10%

Advantages of our company

The Almaz Stroy company has all the necessary and modern equipment for the production of high-quality industrial flooring in the Krasnodar Territory. For many years of our activity, we have formed a reliable and experienced team of specialists who can handle any complexity of work.

  • Quality assurance

    The use of advanced technologies and many years of successful experience allow us to claim the highest quality of services provided.

  • Compliance with deadlines

    Almaz Stroy company is not only an excellent quality of work, but also the delivery of the object within the agreed period according to the contract
  • Experienced specialists

    The workers and engineering staff of our team have experience in pouring industrial floors for at least 5 years and are professionals in their field.

In cooperation with us, we guarantee:

  • Provision of a full cycle of services for the production of industrial flooring at the customer's facility.
  • Selection of optimal coating options based on the operational characteristics of the room.
  • High quality of work performed.
  • Strict quality control at all stages of work.
  • Individual approach and cost calculation for each client.
  • Always nice low prices
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Types of industrial concrete floors produced by our company
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